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Cassim: "You don't know what it's like to have nothing, to look up at the palace and know you deserve more . . . to be called 'street rat.'"
Aladdin: "Yes. I do."

Aladdin Name: Aladdin
Also Known As: Al, Din, Laddie, Street Rat, Prince Ali, Frail Friend Aladdin, Dragon Slayer, the King of Courage, Peewee Peterson, Sluggo, the Master Monster Fighter
Location: Agrabah
Likes: Jasmine, adventure
Dislikes: Being called "street rat," pointless treasure hunts
Misc: He picks his teeth (Witch Way Did She Go?), sugar makes him "weird" (The Lost Ones)
Voice: Scott Weinger
Voice (singing): Brad Kane
Supervising Animator: Glen Keane

Aladdin grew up by himself on the streets. His mother died when he was very young, and his father Cassim left his family to search for the treasure that could make a better life for them. In The Lost Ones a flashback shows Aladdin's friend Ahmall who went to join the El-Kateeb; and Seems Like Old Crimes shows the meeting of Aladdin and Abu, which doesn't seem to take place that long before the animated feature (the book Tales From Agrabah, though, tells a different story).

Aladdin always believed he had a great destiny waiting for him. Whenever a seemingly impossible situation arose, he'd find a way out of it, but still, the insults that more well-to-do people threw at him hit hard. But of course, being a guy, he wouldn't let anyone but Abu and the audience know that. ;) So he just continued on with his life, stealing to survive and being nice to those who found themselves in tough situations. :P

(What I thought was a big fluke in the series was in The Lost Ones when he called Wahid a street rat. Al hated being called that himself, would he really be so hypocritical as to call other people that? : )

Aladdin sometimes has problems with his confidence. Either he's too full of himself to make sensible decisions or he's feeling sorry for himself. :P I think he has a fear of Jasmine one day deciding he's not good enough for her, or realizing that, as he once said, he's "nothing without Genie and Carpet."

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