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Sarah's Aladdin Tribute
The sounds on this page were all recorded by me. There are more, probably better ones, to be found here.

The clips are under their episode titles, and then in the order of which they come in the episode, basically. :)

The Lost Ones -
    wahid.wav - Wahid: "Carpet. Carpet. Carpet! I think maybe we're far enough away now."
    failtomention.wav - Aladdin: "What's wrong, Mirage? Did you fail to mention that with power and immortality comes eternal servitude? That the El-Kateeb can only walk the earth for three nights, once every seven years?"
        Wahid: "You're lying!"
        Aladdin: "If you don't believe me, just ask my old friend Ahmall."
    dieahmal.wav - Mirage: "Then die, Ahmall. Die."

My Fair Aladdin -
    hair.wav - Aladdin: "Jas, Jas, Jas, the hair, the hair!"
    hi-al.wav - Genie: "Arr, me hearties. Batton down the ha - aye, oh, hi Al. Uh, he tricked me, sorry."
    wrinkles.wav - Mekanikles: "Now to exact (?) my revenge! But first I've got to get the wrinkles out of this tunic!"
    charm.wav - Iago: "Yeah. You know, it amazes me how people fall for that Daru (sp?). He had even less charm than Aladdin. Till I lent him the scroll and taught him the hair thing."
    pal.wav - Iago: "That was close, pal."
        Abu: "Tank yuu."
        Iago: "Uh, I mean, that was close you squallid, flea-bitten monkey!"
        Abu: "Ohhhhh?"

The Secret of Dagger Rock -
    atschool.wav - Genie: "Well, I, uh, majored in mamluk battling at, uh, school."
    laughing.wav - Mozenrath: "Well I like a good laugh too. I'm laughing already. *laughs*"

Stinker Belle -
    rotearly.wav - Uncouthma: "May your onions rot early, faithful citizen."
    dontdoit.wav - Iago: "Don't do it, Al! She's got a better palace!"
    nvrlose.wav - Aladdin: "I, uh, fought more monsters than anyone I know! Yeah, the master monster fighter, that's what they call me. I never lose!"
    scream.wav - Aladdin (or Genie?): "Aaagh!"
    autoclub.wav - Genie: "Hang in there Al! We'll storm the beaches! . . . After we call the auto club."
    nothelp.wav - Aladdin: "I can handle it. Really! Do not help me."
        Monster: *chomp*
        Brawnhilda: "Aladdin needs me!"
    catchme.wav - Jasmine: "Somebody catch me!"

And bonus! - While I was recording, I stopped the tape and there on the TV was the Aladdin commercial! I had just enough time to get the second half. So, commerci.wav: the old Family Channel commercial for the series. ;)

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