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Hercules and the Arabian Night

Really, this is a Hercules episode, but hey - it's got the Aladdin gang (minus Iago [off somewhere with Cassim] and a full Genie appearance), so I had to write up on it.

The Story:

The basic plot is that Hades brings Jafar back from the dead so that they can help each other seek out revenge and destroy Hercules and Aladdin. They go about this by kidnapping the heroes' best friends, Icarus and Abu, making it seem as though Hercules kidnapped Abu, and Aladdin kidnapped Icarus, hoping that this would cause the heroes to go against each other and eventually rid the villains of themselves. (Ooh, awkward wording in that run-on sentence, huh?)

Of course, the good guys quickly figure this out and in the end all is well. "Was there ever any doubt?" ;)

Interesting . . .:

I really liked this one, heh. Funny and adventurous and entertaining. :)

At parts I thought the characters acted a little weird, though, especially the Aladdin ones, but hey, they hadn't been touched for two years or so, what can you do? As someone pointed out, it must've been difficult trying to draw Aladdin and his friends when the style of the Hercules characters is so different. More rigid, I think, while a lot of the characters in Agrabah are done with more curved lines. Jafar was fun to draw because of that, I think.

I liked the way they incorporated lines from the movies into this.

"He can be taught!" exclaims Phil.

Pain (or Panic? I forget): "And his beard was so . . ."
Hades: "Twisted?"

I missed Iago and Genie, though. :( It just wasn't the same! *sniffle* But anyway, it was nice to see them all again. :) It was interesting to see that Al and Herc both get around by flying, be it on Carpet or Pegasus. They've both got sidekick friends, Abu and Icarus ("Go monkey, go monkey . . ."). They both have sort of mythical/fairy tale friends, Genie and Phil. Of course, Meg wasn't in this, so you can't really say that they've both got outgoing heroines, Jasmine and Megara, but eventually . . .

And it was neat to see Jasmine and Aladdin as a married couple after KoT. There was something brought up about the ages though; Aladdin being only a few years older than Hercules and already married. Whatever.


Just because I'm so easily amused, right? ;) The wording may not be exactly right, live with it . . .

(btw, why would Panic/Pain [I can't remember! Panic? Arg!] say "Must be something tres cool"? [Yes, there's an accent over the e in tres, don't bug me.] I mean, they're from Greece, in Arabia. Isn't "tres" French?)

Pain: "So what are these things called again? Pants? I like. No drafts."
Panic: "Oh forget it, they'll never catch on."

Hades (to Jafar): "You are such a freak."

Jafar (of Icarus): "This is Hercules's best friend?"