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Sarah's Aladdin Tribute
Ever wondered where Disney got the names from? No? Well, pretend you did. :P This page is still under construction, but here are the ones I remembered. ;P
If it's in italics it's not in my own words; usually it's copied over from,, or it's the title of something.
(In alphabetical order . . .)

Abis Mal - "Abysmal." Defined as very great; limitless; "abysmal misery"; "abysmal stupidity."

Aladdin - From the Arabian Nights story Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp, which the movie is based on.

Amin Damoola - I've always thought it sounded like "I'm in the moola." ;)

Arbutus - Trailing Arbutus: American wildflower (Epigaea repens) of the heath family. The plant blooms in early spring; its creeping stems bear clusters of fragrant pink or white flowers, sometimes hidden by the hairy evergreen leaves. It is the provincial flower of Nova Scotia and the state flower of Massachusetts.

Ayam A'Ghoul - "I am a ghoul." Good grief. ;)

Carpet - He's a magic carpet. Not very original, but how would he be able to tell them his name anyway?

Eden - Either the Biblical Garden of Eden, or Barbara Eden, who starred in I Dream of Jeannie. Both Jeannie and Eden are genies, live in a bottle, and wear similar outfits (kind of :P ). Makes you wonder. ;)

Genie - Jinni: In Arabic and Islamic folklore, spirit or demon with supernatural powers, especially of changing size and shape. Both good and evil, jinn are popular figures in Middle Eastern literature, particularly in the Thousand and One Nights. Genie is the English form. Basically, it's what he is. :P

Iago - In Shakespeare's play Othello, Iago is the villain. He tells half-truths and talks a lot, at least according to this page. IIRC, in the episode While the City Snoozes Iago cries out, "It wasn't me! It was my evil twin brother, Othello!"

Jasmine - Plant (genus Jasminum) of the olive family, chiefly of Old World tropical and subtropical regions but cultivated in other mild areas and greenhouses. The blossoms, mostly yellow or white and usually fragrant, are used in scenting tea; the oil is used in perfumery. In the episode Garden of Evil Arbutus says, "After all, you do bear the name of a flower."

Mozenrath - According to Bob Shooley, who helped create Mozenrath, "I believe Tad came up with the name Mozenrath by combining the names of Motz and Roth, the writers on The Citadel." (Found at UMS.)

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