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Sadira: "Locking me up in chains? What were you thinking!? I'm a street rat; I've been picking locks since I was five."

Sadira Name: Sadira
Location: Agrabah
Likes: When her sand magic works
Dislikes: When her sand magic doesn't work, feeling lonely
Misc: She's been picking locks since she was five
Voice: Kellie Martin (Caught in Kellie's Web)

Sadira is one of those characters who pop in every now and then. She's introduced in the episode Strike Up the Sand, when Aladdin saves her from trouble with Rasoul and the guards. She finds herself beginning to like Aladdin. ;) Then she finds out he's engaged.

But Sadira is not one to give up. Especially not after finding the abandoned, centuries-old home of the long gone witches of the sand. With little practice or planning, she tries to win Aladdin by kidnapping Jasmine (Strike Up the Sand), switching places with Jasmine (SandSwitch), and changing Aladdin into "Dragon Slayer" (Dune Quixote). By this time, she's given up and become friends with Jasmine instead of competing with her.

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